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Young Moviemakers is an award-winning acting and film program for children and youth of all ages. Using high end, professional grade equipment, participants learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more, through the creation of short films. With the help of our experienced instructors, our participants work in groups to develop and produce their work, which is then premiered in front of family, friends and the community. 

Results - Many of our alumni now work in

"Hollywood North", BC's prestigious film industry, which generates over $3.8 billion annually. This creates unique opportunities for our youth that aren't available in other parts of the world; however, besides the glitz and glamour of the big screen, we also empower our participants to grow as artists, teaching perseverance, resilience, and reflection; perfect for the indie film scene. Beyond our programs, we are an interactive, youth-driven community and we also provide leadership opportunities through volunteer and work experience.

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More than just the best film camps - Our programs teach collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills, which are the core skills universities, colleges and employers tell us they are looking for. Best of all, we teach our participants these valuable life skills in a way that is incredibly fun! For over a decade our programs have practiced the pedagogical philosophies of Project Based Learning (PBL), a teaching method in which youth learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects, which unleashes a contagious, creative energy among our learners.

Young Moviemakers has been a pioneer in education - The BC Ministry of Education’s new curriculum was recently designed with the same guiding principles that have been fundamental to Young Moviemakers since our founding. In addition to our focus on core competencies, personalized learning, and inquiry, our programs are also an excellent way for youth to build their confidence and self esteem. Whether a child is introverted or extroverted, Young Moviemakers uses the process of filmmaking to create an inclusive environment, where every student can find a place and thrive!

Young Moviemakers wins the 2017 BC Job Makers Award
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Young Moviemakers celebrates the success of its participants at the end of every year with a Red Carpet Awards Gala! With over 100 shorts produced in a year, the top films are nominated for the coveted "Best Picture" and "Best Performance" awards.​​​​​​

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