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The Young Moviemakers Ghana Initiative introduced filmmaking to orphan students in West Africa. Our goal is to create a sustainable, educational, youth-based film studio within their community.

The aim of the project is to encourage students to utilize film to share stories, develop confidence and leadership skills, learn technology use and connect with an international community of filmmakers.​ The initial program will work with a group of Ghanaian youth workers and educators and 30 students aged 8-13. Two Canadian filmmakers will provide the necessary film equipment and lesson plans to train a group of community educators and youth workers on the basics of film production. With the help of the two filmmakers, the film mentors will work with groups of students to produce and edit an initial collection of short films. The films will be publicly screened for the community, loaded into the Young  Moviemakers content database to be shared online and entered into student and youth film festivals. After the three week project, the community will be left with equipment and a trained team of one staff and a collection of volunteers. The resident filmmaker will earn a fair salary to supervise and mentor the students through more film projects, utilizing educational materials and technology provided by Young Moviemakers. Once integrated into the Young Moviemakers network, students will be able to share content and connect to other filmmakers in Canada and across the globe.

Young Moviemakers strives to nurture and grow our artistic community, through program participation, volunteer and staff opportunities. Many of our current staff are past participants who, through our leadership training opportunities, now work as production assistants and staff. YM Ghana will adopt these same philosophies to create a sustainable network of educated community leaders and mentors.

Check out a few films created by the children from the Volta Home Orphanage

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