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Finalizing Checklist


There are three intros, use correct one

  •     Short film intro

  •     Skits intro

  •     Sketch Comedy into



  • Double check spelling of names with kids and attendance sheet

    • For Short Films

      • Add black outline around text that is 8-10 pixels width

      • Add End Credit Logos

    • For Skits and Sketch Comedy

      • Nanum Pen Script Font for Skits

      • Century Gothic Font for Sketches 

      • Add End Credit Logos



  • -6dB

  • Add timing and J-cuts

  • Audio handles (fade each clip by a few frames to blend audio together)



  • -12dB with dialogue

  • - 6db during end credits or when no dialogue

  • Use judgment to decrease when needed (especially during dialogue)

  • Handles (fade each clip by a few frames to blend audio together)


  • ≈ - 6dB for loud noises

  • ≈ -12dB for ambient sounds/ foley


Colour Correction

    • ensure all darks are hitting “0”

    • ensure relevant highlights don’t exceed “100” (may be lower)

    • adjust mid-tones to taste

    • ensure white-balance is consistent


Export and Naming

  • Naming for file

    •  [YEAR] Title

  • Add ProRess export to shared cloud folder

  • Open in QuickTime and export 1080p version


  • Upload to YouTube

    • Remove [YEAR]

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