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Real Name: György Mihalik​

Birth: July 31, 2265

Birthplace: Earth

Rank: Admiral

First Appearance: Cosmonauts (2016)

Portrayed By: Levente Mihalik

A veteran commander of the Cosmonauts, Mihalik led the defense of his homeworld, Earth, during the Varulian War and masterminded the final attack on the Varulian King at the Battle of Kuntaak. Mihalik realized his fleet had been drawn into a trap, but adjusted, with his fleet buying valuable time for the attack to succeed. After the Battle of Kuntaak, Mihalik became a Grand Admiral in the New Galactic Republic, winning many victories including the pivotal Battle of Blueberria. He retired on Earth, but was soon coaxed back into service by his faithful assistant Private Kennedy.

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