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Planet: Guac-9 (Formerly Proxima Centauri b)
Discovered: 2333A.D.
Population: Approx. 349,895,430

​Abilities: Shape-Shifting, High Intelligance & Reason
First Appearance: The Legend of the Avocado (2016)
Portrayed By: Ben Taylor

The Avocadians are an extraterrestrial humanoid species who originate from the planet Guac-9. They are a highly intelligent species that live by logic and reason with no interference from emotion. They were the first documented extraterrestrial species to make contact with humans, during the famous 2330 - 2338 expedition of Cosmonaut Captain Lavin.​ Avocadoists (of the Earth religion Avocadoism) argue that first contact was made centuries earlier via an ancient Earth structure known as the Avocado.

Avocadoists believe prehistoric cave drawings indicate that thousands of years ago, Avocadians visited planet Earth, where they taught ancient humans about technology, founding their religion.

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