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Population: 12,368,620

Government: Authoritarian Dictatorship

Legislature: Supreme People's Assembly

National Anthem: Glorious East Materia

First Appearance: Spy Force: Assassins

Created By By: Zach Wolfman

East Materia, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Materia (DPRM or DPR Materia), is a country in Eastern Europe. East Materia officially describes itself as a "self-reliant" socialist state, and formally holds elections, though said elections have been described by outside observers as sham elections. Various media outlets call it a Dictatorship, particularly noting the elaborate cult of personality around the country's fearless leader and his family. The Workers' Party of Materia (WPM), led by a member of the ruling family, holds power in the state.

The UN inquiry into human rights in East Materia concluded that, "The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world". The East Materian regime strongly denies most allegations, accusing international organizations of fabricating human rights abuses as part of a smear campaign with the covert intention of undermining the state, although they admit that there are human rights issues relating to living conditions which the regime is attempting to correct.

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