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Real Name: Unknown​

Birth: Unknown

Rank: General

Affiliation: Lord Xemor

Skills: Cosmic Powers, Brown Belt in Jujutsu

First Appearance: Ultra-Man (2016)

Portrayed By: Gryffin Morgan

As a mercenary and leader of an intergalactic crime cartel, General Gryff is known not only for his brutality and aggression, but also for being sly and cunning. It was through his resourcefulness that he convinced Lord Xemor to spare his life, and it was through ruthless ambition that he later ascended to position of General for Xemor’s Army.


Originally from Bombay Beach, California, General Gryff grew up bored of the small town life and always yearned for grandeur. He is incredibly selfish and eager to betray others even if it be his own allies. One of the more notable features of General Gryff is his facetious and twisted sense of humour, almost always making light of any circumstance. He possesses the features of a cowardly minion, a lone survivor, a crazed madman, and a ruthless commander.

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