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Real Name: Instructor Levente​

Birth: July 31, 1989 (Ottawa, Canada)

Affiliation: Summer Moviemaking (Defunct)

Skills: Filmmaking, Yelling, Time Travel

First Appearance: Instructor Grouch (2012)

Portrayed By: Levente Mihalik

Instructor Grouch, also known as "Squid Goof", "Scumbag" or simply "Bald", was an infamous film instructor at a now defunct summer camp. Instructor Grouch is infamous for his misanthropic interaction with students and openly admits that he does not like anything or anybody that is nice. 

Occasionally, Instructor Grouch is shown to have a sentimental and caring side to his personality, such as reading to sick children and the homeless, although he is secretive about such behaviour. According to school yard rumours, Instructor Grouch possesses the power of super-human friendliness when his hair is long.

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