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Real Name: Philip McPippin​

Birth: September 16, 1777

Birthplace: England

Rank: First Mate

First Appearance: Pirates (2015)

Portrayed By: Kaiden Downie

Philip McPippin, also known as "Pip the Cabin Boy", "Pippy" or simply "Pip", was the devoted first mate of the notorious English pirate, Captain Brutal Bundic. Pippy was an obedient and sycophantic assistant to Captain Bundic, often going against his own judgement to appease his Captain's orders.


Pippy grew up in an upper class family and was captured by Captain Bundic in 1796 during a sailing trip. Captain Bundic initially demanded Pippy's father to pay a modest ransom, but later decided to keep Pippy as a Cabin Boy after his father refused to pay. After just weeks of being prisoner, Pippy developed Stockholm syndrome and insisted on permanently joining his beloved Captain, eventually rising to the rank of first mate.

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