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Real Name: Unknown​

Birth: Unknown

Affiliation: Spy Force Agency

Skills: Leadership, Weapons, Technology

First Appearance: Spy Force: Mega Evil Johnny Man (2016)

Portrayed By: Amir El Ezaby

Boss Man, also referred to as "Fearless Leader" or simply "Boss", is the longest running Executive Director for Spy Force. Boss Man was overthrown in a coup d'état carried out by Charlie's Agents, following the corruption scandal with Sepp Blatter. The scandal is hereafter referred to as Blattergate. Boss Man's Emmy Award winning Television program Spy Force Games has been accused by the United Nations of committing several acts in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.


Prior to 1999 little information can be found about Boss Man. What is known is that Boss Man trained with Cuban paramilitary groups infamous for their gorilla warfare tactics. He co founded Mi6, but left due to administrative conflicts. In 1967 the CIA cancelled his psychic rhesus monkey program due to ethical concerns. Boss Man first encountered transcendental meditation in 1974, and is a well known practitioner. Boss Man credits most of his success to Bulletproof Coffee.

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